Dear customer/supplier,

The European Regulation, in matters of protection of personal data (GDPR) in Art.13, Paragraph1, imposes the obligation to inform data subjects in case of the direct collection of their data and on the fundamental elements in the data processing. The undersigned company fully complies by informing you that:

The Data Controller is the company PROJECT AUTOMATION S.R.L.

located in Via Podgora 76, 42019 Sant’Ilario d’Enza (RE)

VAT number: IT02300780356

Certified E-mail/PEC:


TELEPHONE NUMBER: +39 0522 688326

1) Data are collected for the following purposes:

  • Execution of obligations arising from a contract of which you are a part, or to fulfil your specific requests before the execution of the contract;
  • Accomplishment of legal obligations, regulation, community legislation;
  • customer management (customer administration, contract administration, orders, shipments and invoices, reliability and solvency control);
  • Suppliers management (administration of suppliers, administration of contracts, orders, arrivals, invoices, selections in relation to the company’s needs);
  • Management of litigation (contractual breaches, warnings, transactions, debt collection, arbitration, judicial disputes);

1.a) the legal basis of which is founded:

  • On contractual or pre-contractual needs;
  • On legal obligation to which the undersigned company is subject;

2) The Data Controller may process the personal data of your employees with regard to personal data, telephone numbers and company email addresses. This could be processed to achieve the aforementioned purposes.

3) The recipients or the eventual categories of recipients of the data are:

  • the post office or other companies’ correspondence addresses;
  • banks and credit institutions;
  • debt collection companies;
  • law firms;
  • insurance companies;
  • maintenance/repair  companies of computer equipment;
  • professional firms and/or companies and/or associations of companies and entrepreneurs who provide us with certain accounting and/or tax services, etc.;
  • public entities;

The list of nominated recipients in charge is available at the office of the Data Controller.

4) The data may be transferred outside the EU or international organization based on:

  • the existence;
  • the absence of EU Commission adequacy decision (article 45);

or, in the absence of decision of adequacy, according to:

  • transfer subject to adequate safeguards(article 46), even in absence of authorization of the guarantor or, in the presence of the guarantor’s permission, in the case of:
  • binding corporate rules(article 47);

Additional information necessary to ensure correct and transparent processing:

5) The data will be stored in the related databases of customers/suppliers during the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data were collected, and to honour contractual requirements and legal obligations for a period of not more than 10 years after the termination of the relationship.

6) We inform you of the existence of your right to use the above-indicated contact information, to request access to your personal data, the amendment or cancellation of the same, and the restriction of data processing that concerns it, and to object to their processing and to data portability(Articles 15-22 of the EU GDPR);

7) You are entitled to lodge a complaint with the control authority of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, by sending a registered letter with return receipt to the address: Piazza Monte Citorio no.121, 00186 ROME, or a certified email addressed to protocollo@pec.gpdp;

8) The communication of data is not mandatory but the refusal could compromise the contractual relationship as far as the data communication is concerned:

  • Whether mandatory by law;
  • Or as a necessary requirement for the conclusion of the contract.

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